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Bound Printed Matter Software

Low-cost Bound Printed Matter software that makes it easy to save postage on books and catalogs!

USPS has a special discount category for "bound printed matter", like catalogs and books. With the Bound Printed Matter category, you can save postage on mail up to 15 pounds per piece, unlike Marketing Mail which is limited to pieces one pound or less.

For Bound Printed Matter, there's no minimum quantity per shipment, but the lowest prices are if you send 300 or more identical pieces at one time. You can check out rates here.

Bound Printed Matter rates can be used for flat-sized mail or for parcels. Flat-sized Bound Printed Matter is generally anything up to 20 ounces that is flexible and no more than 3/4" thick. Parcels are anything heavier, thicker, or hard-bound or boxed.

Use our Postage $aver Pro software for Bound Printed Matter flats, or Postage $aver for Parcels for Bound Printed Matter parcels. We offer a special bundle price if you need both.

Here's what our software does for you:

√ Sorts your mailing list file as required by USPS to qualify for low Bound Printed Matter rates.

√ Prints USPS tracking labels for parcels, or, for flats, prints on standard address label sheets or directly on your mail pieces.

√ Prints easy-to-follow instructions for which pieces go in which sacks for each specific mailing, and tells you how much postage you're saving.

√ Fills out and prints the USPS postage statement form, sack tags and other required paperwork.

√ For parcel mailings, automatically uploads the tracking file ("shipping services file") required by USPS for parcels, prints the scan form confirming the upload for the post office, and prints the weight report required for mixed weight shipments (299 pieces or less only).

Postage $aver sorting progress screen

Take a walkthrough of:
Postage $aver Pro

for Bound Printed Matter flats, or
Postage $aver for Parcels
for Bound Printed Matter parcels.
"I am very thankful for this product which makes a complicated task so easy. I have personally used Postage Saver for my monthly mailings for many years. When I have a question, I get an answer immediately along with good council on how to solve any problem." Tom Edwards, Tom Edwards Evangelistic Assoc.
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Choose the version that's best for you:

Each version includes:
√ downloadable software for Windows or Macintosh.
√ Texas-based phone support.
√ one year of postal updates.
√ (Renew for just $44/year!)

Postage $aver Pro, for flats, letters and postcards:
√ Supports Bound Printed Matter plus USPS Marketing Mail, USPS Presorted First Class Mail and USPS Periodicals Class.
√ barcoded or nonbarcoded mailings.
√ includes our SmartBars 12 Intelligent Mail barcode font, a $15 value, FREE!

Just 98.50 complete! Try itBuy now
(one payment - not an ongoing charge)

Postage $aver for Parcels:
√ Prepares shipments of Bound Printed Matter plus USPS Marketing parcels, USPS Nonprofit parcels, USPS Ground Advantage and Parcel Select.

√ NEW - Prepares mixed weight Bound Printed Matter shipments up to 299 pieces, and mixed weight Ground Advantage shipments up to one cubic foot per piece with no quantity limit.

Just 149.50 complete! Try itBuy now
(one payment - not an ongoing charge)

Save $29.50 when you buy both!
Postage $aver Pro and Postage $aver for Parcels bundle: Just $218.50!

You could easily save at least that much in postage on your next mailing, compared to retail postage rates!

Easy to use and certified accurate by USPS:

Postage $aver Pro and Postage $aver for Parcels are user-friendly, and include a complete user guide and screen-by-screen help.

They work with all standard spreadsheet and database formats, including Excel, csv, Access, dBase, Filemaker Pro, and most others, so you save time and money and don't have to re-enter your list.

Both apps are certified by USPS to get it right! If your post office questions the way you have prepared your mailing, we'll help you find and correct the problem.

25 years Best of all, they're from Postage $aver Software, the leader in helping small businesses and nonprofits save postage for more than 25 years!
"I had a couple of issues with USPS, and Postage $aver gave me answers and solutions. They are very responsive. Always going the extra mile. We are very happy." William, Guiverman Industries.
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