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How to Save Postage on 500 or more pieces of First Class Mail

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Normally, the cheapest way to send quantities of mail is to use USPS Marketing Mail. But Marketing Mail is for mail that is essentially identical, and cannot be used for personal mail like bills or statements.

Postage Saver software makes postal bulk mailing easy If you're sending at least 500 pieces of personal mail at one time, you can still save postage by using Presorted First Class.

Presorted First Class Mail postage rates are higher than Marketing Mail, but less than regular First Class retail rates. Presorted First Class also offers a special rate for postcards (up to 6" x 9") that is almost as low as the Marketing Mail rate, but can provide faster service.

For #10 business envelopes, you'll save 14% - 26% off regular postage. For a 6" x 9" postcard, you can pay as little as 35.4 cents. To earn these discounts, you'll need to do some of the things that USPS would usually do, like sorting the mail for them and adding barcodes before you mail.

BTW, you are never required to prepare mail as Presorted First Class Mail, no matter how many pieces you have. USPS is perfectly happy for you to put regular First Class postage on every piece you mail, and they'll take care of the rest.

Presorted First Class can be used only for domestic mail (including military addresses, Puerto Rico and U.S. territories and possessions). If you need to send large quantities of international mail, check out this guide.

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If what you're sending is not required to be sent as First Class Mail, and delivery speed is not an issue, there are other discounted rates that will probably work better. Here are several other common types of discounted mail:

How much will I save by using Presorted First Class Mail?

The postage rate for Presorted First Class Mail depends on the size and weight of the mail piece. For barcoded pieces, the rate also depends on how many pieces you have going to a particular zip code or area.

For a barcoded mailing, there's a pretty good chance that you'll pay different postage rates on different pieces in the same mailing, depending on where the pieces are going.

Here are some important ways the rates for Presorted First Class are different from rates for other mail categories: Using Presorted First Class Mail for a normal letter, you'll typically pay 50.4¢ - 58.6¢, compared to 68¢ for a regular stamped letter. And, the presorted rates for letters stay the same up to 3.5 ounces, while the retail rate increases for each ounce.

You can use our Presorted First Class Mail postage rate calculator to find the rates available for your mailing.

Presorted First Class Postage Rate Calculator

Rates updated for latest USPS changes effective Jan. 21, 2024.

Make the following selections to find the rates available for your Presorted First Class Mailing:

Select Mail Size:
Postcard - card up to 6" x 9".
Letter - up to 6⅛" x 11½" x ¼", whether in an envelope or not.
Flat - up to 12" x 15" x ¾", whether in an envelope or not.
Flats must be able to bend. If your piece is flat-sized but not flexible, or is larger than a flat in any dimension, it is a parcel.

Weight in Ounces: 
 Weight must be 3.5 ounces or less for letters, or 13 ounces or less for flats.
 Weight is not used for postcards.

For letters, does something like an unusual shape make this mailing
yes  no

(Rates will appear here when you fill in the information above.)

If you already have the list you want to mail to, we recommend you download a free trial copy of our Postage Saver bulk mail software, and run your list through it. It will figure out the exact postage you'd pay for mailing that specific list, and let you try various options.
Postage Saver software makes postal bulk mailing easy

How many pieces do I need for Presorted First Class Mail?

For Presorted First Class Mail, you need at least 500 pieces in your entire mailing. Your mailing can be to just one zip code or all across the country. There are also no monthly or yearly minimums.

What are the size and weight limits for Presorted First Class Mail?

The weight limit for Presorted First Class Mail depends on the size of the mail piece. The longer side of each piece must be no more than 15 inches long. The shorter side must be no more than 12 inches long. The piece can be no more than 3/4" thick.

Pieces that are larger, or that aren't flexible enough to go through postal sorting equipment, are classified as parcels. Parcels have separate bulk rate prices and requirements. Here's more about saving money on bulk parcels.