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Now your customers can track orders you ship them via USPS, even if you use inexpensive "letters" and "flats" postage rates!

USPS lets you track letter-sized and flat-sized mail that you send using their "Informed Visibility" tracking system.

But to see those tracking results, you need an Informed Visibility account and an app that your customers don't have. So they can't use the tracking numbers to track what you've shipped to them.

Until now! is a customer-facing web site that gives your customers tracking information for letter-sized and flat-sized mail that you've shipped to them.

You just give your customer the URL and the tracking number, and they can track the progress of their shipment, just like you would do for a USPS parcel. So you don't have to answer calls and emails from customers who are eagerly awaiting their goodies!

Plus, it also gets tracking information from the USPS parcel tracking system, so you can use one web page for all the shipments you send using USPS, regardless of category.

Here's how it works:

Register for a free account on the USPS Informed Visibility tracking system. It's easy! We walk you through it on our tracking help page.

Then use any postal barcoding software to create and print Intelligent Mail tracking barcodes on your mail pieces. We have several inexpensive software products for creating barcodes depending on your needs, like our popular Quick Lettertracker software. But you don't have to use ours as long as you can create the required USPS barcodes.

Then just give your customer the tracking number from the barcode, along with a link to They just click on the link and paste the tracking number into the form. It's that easy!

You can even combine the tracking number with the URL so the tracking number will be filled in automatically on the tracking page.

And, we've simplified the detailed tracking responses from USPS, so that your customer won't get confused by postal jargon. sample screen

25 years Best of all, is from Postage $aver Software, the leader in helping small businesses and nonprofits save postage for more than 25 years! is super affordable:

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Frequent Questions:

Can I get proof of delivery with Informed Visibility tracking?

No. Informed Visibility tracks each time the mail is scanned as it moves through the postal system. But your postal carrier doesn't scan each piece at your mailbox, so there is no "final delivery" step reported.

What you get instead is an entry for the last step in the sorting process when the mail is prepared for the carrier to deliver. tells your customer if the scan displayed is the last scan they should expect before delivery, along with the delivery date projected by USPS based on that scan.

What if I want the more detailed tracking information that Informed Visibility provides?

We've simplified the tracking information for your customers, but you can get more detailed information by using one of our barcoding and tracking software apps: They're both super affordable and easy to use!