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Postage $aver is USPS PAVE-GOLD certified, the highest level of USPS certification for bulk mail sorting software. That means your mail will sail through check-in at the post office.

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Postage $aver is low-cost postal bulk mailing software that makes it easy for you to save postage with low USPS bulk mailing rates!

Postage $aver:
red dotis certified to meet USPS requirements for preparing bulk-rate mailings;
red dotsorts addresses by tray or sack for quick preparation of your mailing;
red dotfills out and prints the required postage statement and mailing reports;
red dotcreates and prints barcoded tray/sack tags on standard business card sheets;
red dotprints easy-to-follow instructions for assembling each mailing.

Plus, Postage $aver Pro adds "full-service" Intelligent Mail barcodes. Use full-service barcodes on all of your bulk mailings and USPS will waive your annual mailing fee, a $235 annual savings!

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Postage $aver Pro, our best value, prepares:
√ Marketing Mail (commercial and nonprofit), First Class, Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter
√ postcards, letters and flats (for parcels, use Postage $aver for Parcels)
√ all weights allowed by USPS
√ barcoded or nonbarcoded bulk mailings
√ includes our SmartBars 12 Intelligent Mail barcode font, a $15 value, for FREE!
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Postage $aver Lite, our economy version, prepares:
√ Marketing Mail (commercial and nonprofit), First Class and Periodicals
√ postcards, letters and flats
√ weights up to 3 ounces
√ nonbarcoded bulk mailings only.
Just 35.00 complete (no monthly fees) Buy Now

Special Offer - Save $29.50 when you buy Postage $aver Pro and Postage $aver for Parcels together! Buy Now

All prices include a full year of updates and tech support!

"An efficient postal mailing software application for churches, small businesses, mail delivery services, non-profit organizations or anyone who needs to process bulk mails effortlessly.... 4 Stars"

"The Postage $aver instructions sheet made it easy enough that I could show a temp what I was doing and have them finish it for me. The "easy to follow instructions" claim on your site is 100% accurate."
Aztec Printing and Design

"With the updates included, your software is the best deal around. We send out 40,000 - 50,000 pieces of mail each month and your software saves us thousands of dollars each and every month. "
David Patterson
MIS Manager
Athens Services

"Using your software has enabled us to prepare mailings using only blind labor. We would use sighted labor to hand sort the mailings and tray or sack them. Thank you."
Dan Genco
Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired