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Postage $aver is USPS PAVE-GOLD certified, the highest level of USPS certification for bulk mail sorting software. That means your mail will sail through check-in at the post office.

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Postage $aver is low-cost postal bulk mailing software that makes it easy for you to save postage with low USPS bulk mailing rates!

Postage $aver:
red dotis certified to meet USPS requirements for preparing bulk-rate mailings;
red dotsorts addresses by tray or sack for quick preparation of your mailing;
red dotfills out and prints the required postage statement and mailing reports;
red dotcreates and prints barcoded tray/sack tags on standard business card sheets;
red dotprints easy-to-follow instructions for assembling each mailing.

Plus, Postage $aver Pro adds "full-service" Intelligent Mail barcodes. Use full-service barcodes on all of your bulk mailings and USPS will waive your annual mailing fee, a $235 annual savings!

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Postage $aver Pro, our best value, prepares:
√ Marketing Mail (commercial and nonprofit), First Class, Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter
√ postcards, letters and flats (for parcels, use Postage $aver for Parcels)
√ all weights allowed by USPS
√ barcoded or nonbarcoded bulk mailings
√ includes our SmartBars 12 Intelligent Mail barcode font, a $15 value, for FREE!
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Postage $aver Lite, our economy version, prepares:
√ Marketing Mail (commercial and nonprofit), First Class and Periodicals
√ postcards, letters and flats
√ weights up to 3 ounces
√ nonbarcoded bulk mailings only.
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Special Offer - Save $29.50 when you buy Postage $aver Pro and Postage $aver for Parcels together! Buy Now

All prices include a full year of updates and tech support!

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Softpedia Review:
"An efficient postal mailing software application for churches, small businesses, mail delivery services, non-profit organizations or anyone who needs to process bulk mails effortlessly...."
4 Stars
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"The Postage $aver instructions sheet made it easy enough that I could show a temp what I was doing and have them finish it for me. The "easy to follow instructions" claim on your site is 100% accurate."
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