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Bulk postage rates aren't just for large-volume mailers! Postage $aver software helps small-volume and medium-volume mailers prepare their mail and paperwork the way USPS requires to earn these low rates, so it costs you less to deliver your message.

Postage $aver is perfect for small businesses, nonprofits, churches, community newspapers, political candidates or most anyone who needs to prepare bulk mailings. And it's great for print shops and shipping centers who serve those mailers. Use it for cards, envelopes, tri-folds, booklets ... you name it!

And, Postage $aver Pro adds "full-service" Intelligent Mail barcodes. Use full-service barcodes on all of your bulk mailings and USPS will waive your annual mailing fee, a $240 annual savings!

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Pro Version: 79.50
Lite Version: 35.00
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Each version includes:
 downloadable software,
 Texas-based phone support,
 one year of postal updates.
 (Renew for just $28/year!)
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"The Postage $aver instructions sheet made it easy enough that I could show a temp what I was doing and have them finish it for me. The "easy to follow instructions" claim on your site is 100% accurate." Drake, Aztec Printing and Design.
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Here's how Postage $aver helps you save with bulk mail rates:

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To get bulk postage rates, you have to sort your mail into specific trays or sacks according to complicated USPS rules. You also have to prepare detailed postal paperwork. And, even a simple bulk mailing can have eight or more different postage rates to calculate and apply correctly.

But don't worry - Postage $aver does all of that for you!

Postage $aver:
red dotwalks you through each mailing step-by-step, so you don't have to learn "postal-speak";
red dotprints an easy-to-follow instruction sheet for each mailing, listing the zip codes that go in each tray or sack;
red dotautomatically prints the required barcoded tray or sack tags using standard business card sheet stock;
red dotfills out and prints the correct USPS postage statement and required mailing reports;
red dotprints your addresses on popular label formats or directly on your mail piece, sorted for quick assembly in the required trays or sacks;
red dotautomatically adds barcodes (Pro only), optional endorsement lines, and "Or Current Resident" lines, as applicable.

If you'd rather print your addresses with other software, Postage $aver can set up your mailing list to use in a mail merge or variable data printing, in assembly order with barcodes and optional endorsement lines.

Postage $aver Pro and Lite are user-friendly, and include a complete user guide and screen-by-screen help. Confusing postal jargon? Forget about it!

Both versions work with all standard spreadsheet and database formats, including Excel, csv, Access, dBase, Filemaker Pro, and most others, so you save time and money and don't have to re-enter your list.

Postage $aver Pro and Lite are certified by USPS to get it right! If your post office questions the way you have prepared your mailing, we'll help you find and correct the problem.

25 years And Postage $aver Pro and Lite are backed by more than 25 years experience helping mailers successfully prepare bulk mailings! We'll be there for you.
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Postage $aver is USPS PAVE-GOLD certified, the highest level of USPS certification for bulk mail sorting software. That means your mail will sail through check-in at the post office.

Postage $aver is "an efficient postal mailing software application ... for churches, small businesses, mail delivery services, non-profit organizations or anyone who needs to process bulk mail effortlessly...." Softpedia.

Choose the version that's best for you:

Postage $aver Pro and Postage $aver Lite both support:
√ Marketing Mail, First Class, Periodicals and Bound Printed Matter;
√ postcards, letters and flats (for parcels, use Postage $aver for Parcels);
√ commercial and nonprofit postage rates; and,
√ in-county, classroom and science of agriculture discounts for Periodicals;

Plus ...
Postage $aver Pro, our most popular solution:
√ supports all weights allowed by USPS;
√ supports barcoded or nonbarcoded bulk mailings; and,
√ includes our SmartBars 12 Intelligent Mail barcode font, a $15 value, FREE!
Just 79.50 complete! - Buy Now

Postage $aver Lite, our economy solution:
√ supports weights only up to 3 ounces; and,
√ supports only nonbarcoded bulk mailings.
Just $35 complete! - Buy Now

Each version includes:
√ downloadable software,
√ Texas-based phone support,
√ one year of postal updates.
√ (Renew for just $28/year!)

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"I can't say enough about support, although I've only needed it two or three times. I was contacted far quicker than I expected, and the support team knows their product. No hemming and hawing about, he got me fixed in an instant, or knew what MY problem was. You get rock star service." Paul, Sarcoxie Publishing.
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User Guides and Quick Start Instructions:

(click icons to view or download)

User Guide:
Complete Postage $aver User Guide:

Mail Merge Help (Video with text):
Using a mail merge in Word to print your addresses with barcodes:

Quick Start Guides:
Using Postage $aver with Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files:

Using Postage $aver with comma-separated or tab-separated text (.csv, .tab, .txt) files:

Using Postage $aver with Access (.mdb, .accdb) files:

Using Postage $aver with Filemaker Pro files:

Using Postage $aver with dBase (.dbf) files:

Using Postage $aver with other file formats:
"We are a very small religious non-profit with a bi-monthly mailing of around 3000. Postage Saver has made our mailing a blessing to the Post Office as it is so 'correct'; they always smile when I deliver the trays!" Jessie, Fishers of Men Ministries International.
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Features and Specifications:

All features and specs apply to both Postage $aver Pro and Postage $aver Lite, unless indicated.

Maximum pieces in a single mailing: 100,000.
Maximum pieces per month or per year: Unlimited.

Classes of mail you can prepare:
Marketing Mail - commercial and nonprofit rates;
Presorted First Class;
Periodical Class - in-county and outside-county rates,
 commercial, nonprofit, classroom & agriculture discounts;
Bound Printed Matter (Postage $aver Pro only).

Mailing sizes supported:
Periodical Class parcels (For all other parcels, use Postage $aver for Parcels).

Intelligent Mail (IMB) barcoding for addresses:
Postage $aver Pro only (includes SmartBars 12 barcode font free).

Maximum weight per mail piece:
Postage $aver Lite: 3 ounces;
Postage $aver Pro: maximum allowed by USPS for each mail category.

Address printing formats: (click links to view samples)
3 columns, 30 per page, 1" x 2 5/8" Avery 5160/8160, etc. (Nonbarcoded mailings only);
2 columns, 20 per page, 1" x 4" Avery 5161/8161, etc.;
2 columns, 14 per page, 1 1/3" x 4" Avery 5162/8162, etc.;
Or, use no labels. Print directly on your mail piece. Or, Postage $aver can prepare your mailing list file to print with other software using a mail merge or variable data printing.

Reports provided: (click links to view samples)
Step-by-step instructions for assembling each mailing;
USPS postage statements:
3602-R - Commercial Marketing Mail
3602-N - Nonprofit Marketing Mail
3600-FCM - First Class Presort
3541 - Periodical Class
3605-R - Bound Printed Matter
Barcoded tray or sack tags (as applicable);
USPS price qualification report;
Periodical Class zone, bundle and container report;
Bound Printed Matter zone report.

Additional Features:
Sorts mailing list in tray/sack and bundle order (as applicable);
Adds "optional endorsement lines" (OELs) for bundled mailings;
USPS PAVE and ZAP certified.

Postage $aver can read files in the following formats without you needing to export your list:
Access, all versions (Windows only);
ascii comma-delimited (.csv);
ascii tab-delimited;
Excel (Excel 97 or later);
Word mail merge;
Plus... Postage $aver can handle almost any other data base software by doing an easy data export.

Postage $aver creates bundles, trays and sacks at the following levels,
subject to the requirements of each postal presort category:
5-digit/5-Digit Scheme;
Flat Sequence Scheme/Flat Sequence Facility (FSS);
3-digit/3-Digit Scheme;
Origin Mixed ADC/AADC;

Computer Requirements:
Windows: Windows 10, 8.1, 8;
 Download Size: 15 MB; Hard Drive Space: 69 MB.
Macintosh: OSX v10.13 - v10.15 (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina) 64-bit;
 Download Size: 18 MB; Hard Drive Space: 87 MB.

Current Version: 11.1.12, released September, 2020.