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Macintosh user?
Postage $aver for Parcels for Mac is the ONLY parcel software for Mac to earn USPS Tracking certification!

New to Bulk Parcels?
Click here to learn more about USPS bulk parcel requirements, and to calculate the cost lowest cost for your shipment.

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Postage $aver for Parcels is low-cost software that makes it easy to prepare your shipments for low USPS bulk parcel rates!

Automatically prints USPS barcoded tracking labels, sack tags and all postal paperwork;

Your mailing list is accurately sorted to the required sacks for the lowest postage;

You get easy-to-follow printable instructions for every mailing, showing which pieces go in each sack;

Just one click securely sends the required tracking file to USPS.

Free 45-day no-risk trial!

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Complete package just $129.50! - No monthly fees!
Price includes a full year of updates and tech support.

Postage $aver for Parcels prepares shipments for these USPS parcel services:
First Class Package Service;
Bound Printed Matter (for presorted or nonpresorted pricing);
Marketing Mail Marketing and Nonprofit parcels;
Parcel Select Lightweight.

Postage $aver for Parcels is the easy, low-cost way to get low USPS commercial parcel rates for packages weighing less than a pound, and for Bound Printed Matter parcels up to 15 pounds.

For fast First Class Package Service, rates start as low as $2.66 for parcels weighing up to ¼ pound. Or, if you have at least 200 identical pieces or 50 pounds, Parcel Select Lightweight starts as low as $1.68.

If you're mailing catalogs or books weighing a pound or more, you can usually save using Bound Printed Matter service. Postage $aver for Parcels handles Bound Printed Matter mailings with no minimum quantity, and weights up to 15 pounds per piece.

For nonprofit organizations, Marketing Mail Nonprofit Parcels service offers deep discounts if you are shipping at least 200 pieces or 50 total pounds. Postage $aver for Parcels will prepare those shipments, and also handles Marketing Mail "Marketing Parcels" service.

Click here to use our handy rate calculator to find postage prices and service options for your shipment.

Plus, you can also add special services like return receipts, insurance, and signature confirmation, subject to USPS rules.

Postage $aver for Parcels makes it easy!

User-friendly - Learn how to use it in just minutes. Complete user guide and screen-by-screen help included. Confusing postal jargon? Forget about it!

Transmits your Shipping Services File to the USPS Parcel Data Exchange (PDX) web site, so you can easily view and download your tracking information on-line.

Works with all standard spreadsheet and database formats, including Excel, Access, dBase, Filemaker Pro, and most others, so you save time and money and don't have to re-enter your list.

And Postage $aver for Parcels is backed by more than 25 years experience helping small mailers successfully prepare bulk mailings!