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Are NCOA and CASS required for your USPS Bulk Mailing?

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USPS requires two different kinds of address verification for most bulk and presorted mail: Move Update and CASS. Move Update is often referred to as the "NCOA" requirement, since checking your list against the National Change of Address (NCOA) data base is a common way to comply with the Move Update requirement.

Postage Saver software makes postal bulk mailing easy The requirements serve two different purposes. Move Update helps to make sure the person or company to which the mail is addressed is still located at that address.

CASS makes sure the address is complete, looks up the correct zip+4 code and provides a two-digit "delivery point" code required for barcoding discounts.

The Move Update and CASS requirements apply only to mail for which you are getting a postage discount. If you are not mailing at discounted postage rates, you do not need to comply with either method no matter how many pieces you are mailing.

Here's a quick tool to determine what address verification methods you need to follow before you prepare your mailing:

Are you doing a presorted mailing that gets you a discounted postage rate?
Yes No 

Are you using USPS Marketing Mail (commercial or nonprofit), Presorted First Class Mail, or Parcel Select Lightweight?
Yes No 

Does each address include a person's or company's name (instead of just being addressed to "Occupant" or something similar)?
Yes No 

Are you ok with USPS delivering the mail to the address shown, even if the person or company has moved?
Yes No 

Are you ok with adding "Or Current Resident" or similar language in your addresses?
Yes No 

Did each recipient give you their current address within 95 days before when you expect to send this mailing (by placing an order that included their address, for example)?
Yes No 

Did you send another mailing to these same recipients within 95 days before when you expect to send this mailing, and did you include an instruction like Address Correction Requested on THAT previous mailing, and then update your list with any changes received?
Yes No 

Are you planning to add barcodes to this mailing to get the postage discount for barcoding in addition to the discount for bulk mailing? (If you want to add barcodes for tracking or address correction, but not claim the postage discount for barcoding, then click No.)
Yes No 

Are you planning to prepare this mailing for carrier-route discounts? Carrier route preparation can save postage when you are mailing to every address or almost every address in an area, but requires special software. Carrier route preparation is not necessary for bulk mail discounts. (If you are preparing "Every Door Direct Mail", click No.)
Yes No 

Is your mail considered a parcel?
Yes No 

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Scott Hochberg
Scott Hochberg started Postage Saver Software in 1994. He's been helping small businesses and nonprofits save postage with postal bulk mail for more than 25 years. Scott's based in Austin, Texas. He's happy to answer your bulk mailing questions!