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Our SmartBars 12 postal barcode font lets you print accurate Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMBs) on your labels or envelopes using any Windows or Mac software, just by selecting our barcode font from your fonts menu.

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Intelligent Mail Barcode

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Our font automatically converts the sequence of letters that represent an Intelligent Mail barcode into the required 65 bars.

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To use any Intelligent Mail barcode font, you first need to have the sequence of 65 letters that the barcode represents.

For software to create the letter sequence for Intelligent Mail barcodes, use our Smart Barcoder software. The SmartBars 12 font is FREE with every purchase of Smart Barcoder or Postage $aver Pro software.

Why would I need a barcode font?

The USPS requires that barcoded mail (other than parcels) use their special "Intelligent Mail barcode" (IMB).

Each barcode represents a unique set of 65 letters, each one either an A, D, F, or T, that identifies the mail as it moves through the postal system.

Software that creates the barcodes, like our Smart Barcoder software, create the sets of 65 letters. But, before you can add those 65 characters to your addresses, you have to convert them into bars, with each character replaced by a bar of a specific size and location.

That's what our SmartBars 12 barcode font does.

Just take the 65 characters and change the font to SmartBars 12, choose the 12 pt. font size, and, like magic, you have the same information now in the form of an Intelligent Mail barcode!

It's perfect for creating return envelope layouts, or, use it in your mail merge setup to add barcodes to a file of addresses.

But how do I get those 65 characters for each barcode?

If you need a single barcode, for a business reply envelope, for example, your local post office can create the correct set of 65 characters for you. Then just use SmartBars 12 to print them as bars.

But if you are sending a lot of mail that needs to be barcoded, you need to use special software to create the 65-letter set for each address.

That's where our Smart Barcoder software comes in. It will read your address file, create the 65-letter set for each address, and save it back to your file. Then, you just print the addresses using SmartBars 12 as the font for the barcode line.

When you buy Smart Barcoder, we'll give you our SmartBars 12 font FREE! Try a free trial of Smart Barcoder.

Need Help with your Mail Merge?

Watch our short video showing how to use SmartBars 12 in a mail merge using Microsoft Word. If you still have questions after watching the video, don't hesitate to contact us.

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