Accurate USPS
IMB font

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SmartBars 12 Postal Barcode Font

Postal barcode font converts 65-letter codes into accurate 65-bar USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes.

Our SmartBars 12 USPS Intelligent Mail barcode font lets you print accurate postal address barcodes (IMBs) on your labels or envelopes using any Windows or Mac software, just by selecting SmartBars 12 from your fonts menu.

Our SmartBars 12 font turns this ...


into this ...

Intelligent Mail Barcode

red dotSmartBars 12 is easy to use!
Our SmartBars 12 imb barcode font automatically converts the sequence of letters that represent an Intelligent Mail barcode into the required 65 bars.

red dotInstalls in seconds:
SmartBars 12 is installed automatically into the correct location on your computer for immediate use.

red dotWorks with any IMB software:
including the USPS Intelligent Mail Small Business (IMsB) tool or any Postage $aver software product.