Our Simple Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple, so we haven't hired a lawyer to make it more complicated. Here's what we do and don't do.

Who do we share your personal information with?

Nobody. We don't sell or share our customer lists, email addresses that you use to contact us, or any other information about you.

What do our software products do with the mailing lists it reads to prepare your mailings?

Each product only reads the columns you identify on the Column Selection screen in the software. It uses only those columns to prepare the mailing. It does not save it or transmit it to us or anyone else, except that Postage $aver for Parcels does transmit your labels to USPS, via a secure connection, when you tell it to.

Frankly, a list of names and addresses isn't worth much to anyone anyway, unless we also knew what the list is about, which we don't. But the software has no capability to save or transmit a mailing list to us or anyone else, except for Postage $aver for Parcels, which sends a parcel tracking file to USPS when you tell it to.

What about the business information that is entered onto the postage statement screen?

The software saves the entries directly on your computer. It is not transmitted to the cloud or to us. That's why we give you the ability to make a backup of that info, because if your computer fails, we can't help you restore it unless you've kept a backup copy.

How about credit card information?

We do not keep your credit card information. We have no software that has recurring payments, so your credit card information is of no value to us once we've charged you for the product you purchased.

When you purchase from us online using a credit card, you are actually entering your credit card number and security code directly into a web page operated by the credit card clearing service we use (which is operated by Paypal), not onto our site. They only report the last four digits of the card to us, so we never see the whole card number or security code. That gives you an extra layer of protection, and saves us possible hassles.

And, of course, if you pay us using Paypal, we only receive your order information, not your payment details.

What information do we collect from the software?

When the software starts, we do collect a few pieces of information that tell us how the software being used, for example, what operating systems are being used (Windows 10, Mac OSX 10.12, etc.) or what kinds of mailings are being prepared (for example, Marketing Mail or Parcel Select).

No registration names or registration codes are ever collected, so we don't know what any specific user is doing. We only learn how users in general are using our software, so we can make improvements.

What about cookies on the web site?

We do not use cookies nor do we track you on our web site. We do briefly store some information in your browser when we need to transfer it from page to page, but it is set to be automatically erased by your browser when you leave our site.

However, we have a small number of ads fed by Google and specific vendors on our "Learn About Bulk Mailing" help pages, and those may track you as they would on any other site. We do not receive user information from those ads.

We also use several outside services for specific purposes on our site. For example, we use Google Analytics, which tracks how often each page is viewed, how long, etc., and also tracks aggregate demographic data for those who view the site. We use that information internally only, but we have no control of how Google may use it.

Another example is the group of social media icons on our pages. An outside company provides those icons and processes those clicks. We use any information they provide internally only, but, again, we cannot control how they may use such information.

Did we miss anything?

We may have, because there is probably something we don't do so we forget that other companies may. If you have a question, please ask us.