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An easy-to-use software app for:
• generating and printing First Class Mail tracking barcodes;
• viewing USPS Informed Visibility tracking results for First Class and business presort mail!

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Ever drop some mail in the corner mailbox and wonder if it will ever get delivered? Or send out a direct mail campaign and think some of your trays just disappeared?

Wouldn't it be great if you could track the progress of your business mail through the USPS system?

Well, you can, with Quick Lettertracker! And the tracking results are FREE!

Here's how it works:

Sign up for a free account on the USPS Informed Visibility tracking system. It's easy! We'll walk you through it in Quick Lettertracker.

Then use Quick Lettertracker to generate and print an Intelligent Mail tracking barcode for your mail piece.

just enter a complete address or just a the 5-digit or 9-digit zip code and Quick Lettertracker will instantly create a barcode that you can print on your mail or copy and paste into a layout. You can also standardize the address with just one click.

To track your mail, just click on mail you've sent to get tracking information instantly. View the latest tracking scan on screen, or print the entire history.

You can also track mail that you've barcoded with other software just by entering or pasting the tracking number. You can even track entire trays or sacks of mail by entering the tracking number on the tag.

Check as often as you want, for as many pieces as you want. There's no per-piece charge or annual fee for USPS Informed Visibility tracking!

That's all there is to it!

With Quick Lettertracker, you can view Informed Visibility tracking results for any outgoing letter-size or flat-size mail that have tracking barcodes and are tracked in the Intelligent Mail barcode tracking system, including single-piece First Class Mail, Presorted First Class Mail, Marketing Mail, Periodical Class, and Bound Printed Matter!

And, you can even use Quick Lettertracker to see the status of trays and sacks of presorted mail using the Intelligent Mail container barcode on the tray or sack tag!

Can't I just get tracking results from the USPS Informed Visibility web site?

Sure, but it's difficult. Their site is designed for large-volume mailers who need complicated reports, or who have in-house programmers who can write code to gather all the information. It's way beyond the needs of most mailers, and you can't just look up a tracking number.

Quick Lettertracker is designed for the rest of us, who just want to get the tracking information we need without all the hassle. Just point and click and see the results!

Can I get proof of delivery with USPS Informed Visibility tracking?

No. Informed Visibility tracks each time the mail is scanned as it moves through the postal system. But your postal carrier doesn't scan each piece at your mailbox, so there is no "final delivery" step reported.

What you get instead is an entry for the last step in the sorting process when the mail is prepared for the carrier to deliver. Quick Lettertracker tells you whether the scan displayed is the last scan you should expect before delivery, along with the delivey date projected by USPS based on that scan.

What if I want to add tracking barcodes to an entire mailing list all at once, or want barcodes for a different kind of mail, like Marketing Mail?

You're in luck! We have another product that does that, and includes the same tracking viewer. Try our Postal Barcoder Max software.

25 years Best of all, Quick Lettertracker is from Postage $aver Software, the leader in helping small businesses and nonprofits save postage for more than 25 years!

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Quick Start Instructions:

Easy step-by-step user guide:

Features and Specifications:

Quick Lettertracker can create Intelligent Mail Tracking Barcodes for:
Retail First Class cards or envelopes - without special handling markings such as "address correction requested".
Need additional barcoding options? Try our Postal Barcoder Max software.

Quick Lettertracker can provide tracking information the following kinds of mail:
(cards, letters and flats only)
Retail First Class;
First Class Presorted;
Marketing Mail;
Periodical Class;
Bound Printed Matter;
Trays and Sacks with barcoded tags.

Computer Requirements: Windows: Windows 10, 8.1, 8;
 Download Size: 20 MB; Hard Drive Space: 9 MB.
Macintosh: MacOS v10.13 - v10.15, v11.0 (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur) 64-bit;
 Download Size: 21 MB; Hard Drive Space: 33 MB.

Current Version: 1.1.2, released October, 2021.