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Smart Barcoder is low-cost software that makes it easy to create Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMBs) for your bulk mail or reply envelopes.

Smart Barcoder also prints barcoded tray tags, sack tags or pallet tags, without you having to figure out all the postal jargon!

Just run your bulk mailing list through it, and you're ready to merge to barcoded labels, envelopes, letters, or whatever;

Automatically creates unique barcode serial numbers to meet USPS requirements for Full-Service barcoding;

Creates barcodes for reply envelopes in one easy step, including new USPS barcodes for election mail-in ballot envelopes;

Includes barcode printer font free.

Free 45-day no-risk trial!

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Windows or Mac. Just $35!
Price includes a full year of updates and tech support.

Barcodes for bulk mailing:
Smart Barcoder software creates accurate Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMBs) for use on Marketing Mail bulk mail, First Class presort, Periodical Class, Bound Printed Matter, Business Reply Mail, and Courtesy Reply envelopes. It's afforable and easy to use.

You don't need to know "service codes" or any of those other confusing things that USPS told you about. Just give Smart Barcoder a file with zip+4 and delivery point codes and it will convert them to accurate Intelligent Mail Barcodes for bulk mailing. Smart Barcoder can even create the special Intelligent Mail Barcodes for the new USPS Secure Destruction service for non-deliverable mail.

Smart Barcoder is certified by the USPS to meet the "unique serial number" requirement for Full-Service IMB mailings. Unique serials are automatically created either per piece or per mailing, at your choice.

Barcodes for reply mail:
Type in a zip code to create reply mail barcodes one at a time. No more running to the post office to get a paste-up for that envelope you need to create!

Smart Barcoder supports reply mail options including Informed Visibility tracing, MID-based tracing, and the new USPS barcode for election mail-in ballots.

Barcoded Tray/Sack Tags and Pallet Placards:
Smart Barcoder prints Intelligent Mail tags for your bulk mail trays and sacks. You can print up to 10 tray or sack tags per page on standard business card sheets. All tags have been updated with the most current USPS content lines. And, Smart Barcoder also prints Intelligent Mail container placards for pallets.

Barcode Font Included:
When you purchase Smart Barcoder, you'll also receive our SmartBars12 Barcode Printer Font, a $15 value, FREE, so you can print your Intelligent Mail barcodes perfectly every time!

Or, purchase our Postage $aver Pro software to sort your bulk mail and prepare your postal reports, and you'll get Smart Barcoder and the font FREE!

Before you create barcodes for bulk mail, the USPS requires that you have zip+4 codes that are certified to be accurate.

Click here to learn more about barcoding discounts and CASS-certification, and for links to vendors who will provide certified accurate zip+4 codes.

Smart Barcoder is certified by the USPS to meet the "unique serial number" requirement for Full-Service IMB mailings.

Smart Barcoder is user-friendly - Learn how to use it in just minutes.

Complete help file included.

Smart Barcoder works with your existing mailing list software, including Excel, Access, dBase, Filemaker Pro, and most others, so you save time and money and don't have to set up your mailing list from scratch.

Smart Barcoder prints tray and sack tags on standard Avery #8371 or similar business card forms.

Quick Start Instructions:

Smart Barcoder includes a detailed user guide and screen-by-screen help to answer most any question you might have. But to get started without reading all of that, we offer these quick start guides. You can also download the complete user guide if you'd like.

Using Smart Barcoder with Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files:

Using Smart Barcoder with Access (.mdb, .accdb) files:

Using Smart Barcoder with Filemaker Pro files:

Using Smart Barcoder with dBase (.dbf) files:

Using a mail merge in Word to print your barcodes (short video):

Complete Smart Barcoder User Guide:

Technical Specifications:

Smart Barcoder can create Intelligent Mail Barcodes for:
Marketing Mail letters and flats
First Class Presorted letters and flats
Periodical Class letters and flats
Bound Printed Matter flats
Business Reply Envelopes
Courtesy Reply Envelopes

Smart Barcoder can create barcoded tray tags, sack tags and pallet placards for:
Marketing Mail letters, flats and parcels
First Class Presorted letters, flats and parcels
Periodical Class letters, flats and parcels
Bound Printed Matter flats and parcels
Media Mail parcels
Library Mail parcels
Parcel Select Lightweight parcels
Customized Market Mail

Smart Barcoder can read files in the following formats without you needing to export your list:
Access, all versions (Windows only)
ascii comma-delimited
ascii tab-delimited
Excel (Excel 97 or later)
Word mail merge
Plus... Smart Barcoder can handle almost any other data base software by doing an easy data export.

Maximum addresses per file: Unlimited

Computer Requirements:

Windows: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7
 Download Size: 8 MB; Hard Drive Space: 11 MB
Macintosh: OSX v10.10 - v10.14 (Yosemite through Mojave)
 Download Size: 11 MB; Hard Drive Space: 24 MB

Current Version: 4.1.2, released June, 2018