From this page, you can download the latest versions of Postage $aver for Windows and Mac.

The latest update is: Version 10.1.2, released March, 2018.

If you are currently using version 10.1.1 or older, you may install and begin using this update at any time during March or later.

You must install and use this update for any mailing that will be mailed after March 31, 2018.

If you see a message when you run Postage $aver that tells you that your version is no longer current, you must download and install this update.

Version 10.1.1 (the previous version) is no longer in compliance with USPS rules as of April 1, 2018.

If you are a registered user of Postage $aver and your registration has not expired, you are entitled to the current version at no charge.

About the Update Code:

The first time you use your updated version of Postage $aver, you will be asked for an update code. That code was included in the email that informed you about this update.

If you don't enter the update code correctly, your copy of Postage $aver may revert to a 45-day demo version. To change it back into a registered copy, you just need to enter the correct update code.

If you do not have the update code for this update, please click here to it resent to you automatically. Make sure is listed as an "always accept" sender in your anti-spam system, so our update emails will get through to you.

Major Changes in January, 2018 Update:

Postage $aver had a major facelift in January, 2018. Besides updating Postage Saver for new postage rates and forms, we made more than 50 software improvements. If you have not used Postage Saver since before the January, 2018 update was released, you may want to review the update information for that release.

Click here for a complete list of the changes in the January, 2018 release. Once you've downloaded and installed Postage $aver, we recommend you return to this page and watch the following video that will walk you through the major changes.

Smart Barcoder No Longer Required for Barcoding:

Beginning with the January, 2018 update, Postage Saver Pro now creates barcodes without needing the separate Smart Barcoder software.

Because of this. this update does not include an update to Smart Barcoder. If you are using Smart Barcoder separately from Postage Saver Pro, you can always download the most current version of Smart Barcoder from the Smart Barcoder web page shown in the menu at the top of this page. There have been no recent updates to Smart Barcoder.

Get Your Update:

To download your update, click here:

We expect this update to remain valid through May 31, 2018. Please note that USPS policy changes or software changes could cause that date to vary.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions, and we will respond as quickly as possible. We appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve you.

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