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Postage $aver makes it easy to prepare postal bulk mail, and help you save money on postage! Here's how:

Automatically sorts your mailing list in the order required by USPS for best postage, including nonprofit rates.

Prints a set of clear, easy-to-follow instructions for each mailing, showing what mail goes in which trays or sacks.

Prints completed postal paperwork - just sign it and take it to USPS with your mailing.

No need to keep track of postal rule changes. We notify you automatically and update Postage $aver for changes in USPS rules, rates, and forms!

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Postage $aver is great for small businesses, churches, newspapers, non-profits, or anyone preparing bulk mail in-house. It's specifically designed for small to medium volume mailers, to keep it simple and affordable, unlike complicated, expensive products designed for million-piece mailers.

Postage $aver Lite, for non-barcoded bulk mail up to 3 ounces, is just $29.50 complete, no monthly fees!

Postage $aver Pro, for barcoded or non-barcoded bulk mail at any allowable weight, is just $59.50! Windows or Mac, same price, no monthly fees!

And, when you buy Postage $aver Pro, you get our Smart Barcoder postal barcoding software and font at no extra charge!

User-friendly - Learn how to use it in just minutes. Complete user guide and screen-by-screen help included.

Price includes all updates for a full year FREE. After the first year, renew for as little as $20 per year.

Provides the information you need to submit your postage statements electronically using the USPS Postal Wizard!

Lite and Pro versions both prepare Standard Class bulk mail, First Class Presort, and Periodical Class. Plus, Postage $aver Pro prepares Parcel Select Lightweight!

PAVE-certified and ZAP-certified for accuracy by the U. S. Postal Service. If your post office questions the way you have prepared your mailing, we'll help you find and correct the problem. For Macintosh users, Postage $aver is the ONLY postal sorting software for Macintosh that is certified by USPS!

Postage $aver Works with all standard spreadsheet and database formats, including Excel, Access, dBase, Filemaker Pro, and most others, so you save time and money and don't have to re-enter your list. And it's backed by more than twenty years experience helping small mailers successfully prepare bulk mailings!

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Postage $aver is USPS PAVE-GOLD certified, the highest level of USPS certification for bulk mail sorting software. And, our barcode software is certified to comply with Postal One Unique Serial Number requirements.

Macintosh user? Postage $aver for Mac is the ONLY postal sorting software for Mac to earn USPS PAVE and ZAP certification!

"Postage $aver paid for itself the first time I used it. I just finished submitting my first automated mail. Postage $aver made my first automated mail a piece of cake, and Postage $aver saved us 20 percent on our mailing costs!"
Gary Swanson
Membership Director
North Florida Bicycle Club

"Postage $aver has been a huge time saver. My first two bulk mail efforts (1990 and 7200 items) went to the post office error free. The postal clerk even commented that my mailing was more organized than some he had seen from "professional" mailers."
Mike Price
Team Lead

"I just renewed. You REALLY should charge more for this awesome product!"
Duane Beaver
Mail Plus Chehalis

"With the updates included, your software is the best deal around. We send out 40,000 - 50,000 pieces of mail each month and your software saves us thousands of dollars each and every month. "
David Patterson
MIS Manager
Athens Services

"Using your software has enabled us to prepare mailings using only blind labor. We would use sighted labor to hand sort the mailings and tray or sack them. Thank you."
Dan Genco
Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired